I took the 4-session class. Am I ready for open studio?

Congratulations on completing your 4-session DISCOVER Clay class! You have met the requirements for open studio, but it's common for people to feel as though they might not be ready for open studio right away. Know that you are definitely welcome to join us for open studio.

Making the Most of your 1st open studio session

  • First, book your time.

  • You'll need to use our clay (we sell it at the studio).

  • You can bring the tools you got in class and our studio tools. are also yours to use while you're here!

  • If you plan to hand build, come with a fun project in mind.

  • If you plan to work on the wheel, consider using the time to practice what you learned in class. Give yourself several sessions of permission to release your attachment to making something functional and instead challenge yourself on foundational skills like consistently centering a pound or two of clay, throwing a bowl, throwing a cylinder, trimming, etc.

Other great next steps

If you're not ready to book an open studio session, there are plenty of other ways to continue building on your pottery-making skills in the meantime.

  1. Are you feeling drawn to the pottery wheel? Lucky for you, your class wrapped up just in time for you to roll right into a special series we are offering in September: Pottery Wheel Refresher.

  2. Did you enjoy the hand building portion of our 4-week class? Take a one-time workshop if you want more fun projects.

  3. How about another round? Several of our most active community members share one interesting thing in common: They took DISCOVER Clay more than one time! We'd love to have you back another month for the same format, different projects.