Would you like to make work outside of Mud Lily?

Any pieces brought to or from home and Mud Lily are considered outside work.

Mud Lily will fire pieces that you make and/or work on outside of our studio as long as these guidelines are followed:

  • Your clay is purchased from us.

  • You pay a flat $10 price per 6x6x6 piece, which includes one bisque firing and one glaze firing. Larger pieces may be paid for in additional $10 increments. 

  • Book any of the 2-hour glazing sessions listed on our calendar and use our rotating selection of brush-on house glazes. 

  • OPTIONAL: Take our EXPLORE glazing class to be able to use any open studio hours and our full selection of glazes for dipping, pouring, etc. No outside glazes may be used.

Make Your Way at Mud Lily

Mud Lily’s got everything you need for where you are right now in your hand building and wheel-throwing ceramics practice.

  • 5 electric pottery wheels

  • Slab roller

  • Work surface to seat 12

  • Cone 5/6 clay, glazes, slips, UGs and firing

  • Abundant tools and materials, including a Giffin Grip and extruder gun

Do you have some previous pottery experience?

For those who can demonstrate adequate previous pottery studio experience or who have completed one of our 4-session Discover clay classes, we offer open studio hours four days a week in a variety of times. We do not offer monthly memberships; instead, you can purchase open studio hours in discounted bundles each month.

Need a refresher?

We frequently offer refresher classes and EXPLORE offerings that give you an opportunity to go deeper on a particular technique.